Mutus Liber and Other Images

Spark Gallery, Denver, Colorado April 2011

The Mutus Liber, or text without words, is a series of alchemical images, created hundreds of years ago in response to the collective religious attitude in Europe at the time. As “shadow,” alchemical symbolism provided the function creating a tension of opposites. Centuries later, Carl Jung explored the symbolic meaning of this work as an allegory for the process of psychological and spiritual transformation. This particular set of images describes the evolution of the prima materia, the etheric shift of spirit into matter through balancing masculine and feminine energies, and heaven and earth.
These images were originally created as etchings. I have re-interpreted them by adding color and gestural movement. In the final six months of my ten-year process of becoming a Jungian analyst, these paintings became a metaphor for my own process of development emergence.

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